alea. revista internacional de fenomenología y hermenéutica: José Ruiz Fernández – Alea 3 / 2005 (63-87)

José Ruiz Fernández – Alea 3 / 2005 (63-87)

Para una delimitación fenomenológica de la intencionalidad

(Towards a Phenomenological Delimitation of Intentionality)

Abstract.- One of the goals of this paper is to clarify in what sense can we assume that an „egological“ moment is unterwoven in every object’s givenness. In other words, it will be considered whether something like a subject-object correlation shows up, and how it does. These considerations will cast some light onto the Husserlian and Sartrian opposed conceptions of intentionality. The main goal of this paper is to clarify the legitimate place of intentionality within the phenomenological analysis. That is, to clarify what is the factual phenomenal content which can correspond to that concept.