alea. revista internacional de fenomenología y hermenéutica: Adrián Navigante – Alea 4 / 2006 (159-188)

Adrián Navigante – Alea 4 / 2006 (159-188)

Dichtung und Transzendenz: das dichterische Sagen und der Sprung in das Seyn

This paper centers around the concept of transcendence as the point of departure for a discussion of “poetic saying” (dichterisches Sagen) as a “response of/to Being” (Entsprechung des Seyns) and its relationship to the history-of-being problematic. If “mindfulness” (Besinnung) cannot be equated to any metadiscursive instance and “poetic saying” is to be conceived as a comming-to-language of Being, the transition from the first to the other commencement (Anfang) has to be understood as a fundamental turn in thought or, as Heidegger himself put it, a displacement (Verrückung) into another time-place (Zeitraum). A certain language structure is granted to the no-place (Nicht-Ort) of transcendence, and this operation enables the thinkability of the purely ontological ocurrence. In this way the whole conceptuality of western philosophy is submitted to a destructive inquiry through the reciprocal and interdependent realization of poeticizing and thinking in the history-of-being (Seinsgeschichte). But Heidegger demands at the same time a consistent sayability for the new modality of “thought”. It is the point of excess of this very sayability – where both poetic and philosophical language overcome their own possibilities – which is to be critically exposed.