alea. revista internacional de fenomenología y hermenéutica: Alejandro G. Vigo – Alea 4 / 2006 (47-90)

Alejandro G. Vigo – Alea 4 / 2006 (47-90)

Identidad, decisión y verdad. Heidegger, en torno a la constitución del ‘nosotros’

(Identity, decision, and truth. Heidegger on the constitution of the ‘we’)

This paper aims to reconstruct Heidegger’s theory of intersubjectivity, which runs parallel to his critical reconsideration of the modern concept of subject, by means of an systematical interpretation of texts such as Being and Time (1927) and the lectures Introduction to Philosophy (1928/29) and Logic (1934). Paying special attention to its methodological function, the heideggerian notion of intersubjectivity will be adequately profiled and saved from the current critics of its dialogical deficiencies. Thus, It will be showed how Heidegger’s efforts to cast light onto the existential conditions of the radical individuation offer simultaneously an structural analysis of the possibility of a genuine community, a proper “we”.