alea. revista internacional de fenomenología y hermenéutica: Patrick Baur – Alea 4 / 2006 (91-126)

Patrick Baur – Alea 4 / 2006 (91-126)

Das ‚Es geht um‘.
Das Es als philosophisches Problem im Rückgriff auf Heidegger und Hegel

Among those who try to think of an impersonal ‘It’ or ‘Id’ Heidegger certainly isn‘t the most famous. Psychologists like Groddeck, Freud and others are more well-known for bringing this topic to a more or less fruitful discussion. In this article, using ideas developed by Heidegger, Aristotle, and Hegel, I shall try to show that, in spite of psychology dominating the discussion about the ‘It’, on the ground of the phenomenon there lies a genuinely philosophical question: the problem of spontaneity, i.e. the question of movement or change in its relation to a subject, a source or some cause. This will lead to some new insights concerning the nature of Dasein and, by contrast, of the idea of being a subject, which has played such a preeminent role in the modern age of philosophy up to now.